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One more thing I meant to mention. The black underline I added is under a drop-down box that lest you switch between Views (Books, Comic Books, Magazines).

The Find will only work on one View area at a time.

So the Find will get you all your Comic Books but not anything in the Books or Magazine View.

You can change your View and run the find in each to get a list for each View.

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Hi Steven, maybe you can help explain a variance I am seeing. If I go to Report > Collection Report > Titles I own > Summary > Preview, I obtain a Report that lists each unique comic I own, along with the "Total Comics" and "Total Value" on the last page. If I go to what you describe above; Items > Find > "My Comics" > "List only items in stock", I get a completely different value that in my case is lower by nearly 300 comics and the value much lower when I move the 2 pages to an Excel Spreadsheet and look at the total number of line items and the sum of the individual values. Any idea why the discrepancy? Thanks!

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Since I can't see your database, I checked to see what mine has.

Collection Statistics
20,855 Comics (total) and 20,452 Unique

Collection Report
20,855 Total

Find Qty in Stock > 0
20,452 issues (I don't have separate issues for duplicates, so this is the Unique issue count)

Total Cost, Total Value, and Total Price also (almost) match.
The Total Value and Total Price are off by 3 and 5 cents, respectively (probably a rounding error).

So, for me, everything matches.

Then why are your numbers off?  I am not sure.

First, make sure to upgrade to the newest release (1577). I was having some problems getting numbers until I did this.

Then run a File->File Tools->Rebuild LIsts checking Series Information, and (especially) List of Owned Series (you can check the others but they shouldn't affect what you are having a problem with). After that completes, run an Optimize Database (because it can't hurt...).

Next, Make sure you are comparing Total to Total and Unique to Unique.  By that I mean, the Collection Report returns Total Issues while the Find returns Unique Issues.

Next, depends on what you have. Find Where Qty in Stock > 2. check to see if any of there values don't look correct (i.e. you only have 2 of some issues but CB indicates 3 or more).  This 'shouldn't' happen but conversions, imports, user error, etc., can get stray incorrect information into the database. (not common but not unheard of).

The last thing I can think of (and the least fun...) is to spot check various Titles and see if you can see anything strange (hopefully the Find for Qty in Stock > 2 (or so) will have found this already.

Okay, the very last thing is to do a complete inventory of your comics comparing this to CB.

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So I have a related question.  Why can I not scroll through my collection using two functions, I would like to have the Titles on "Titles in Stock" and also use the "View" drop down to view "Items to Show" as "Owned Items + Regular Issues"??  It can't use both?  It seems that the older version allowed me to view my collection this way, but this new version does not.  Can someone clarify or help me if I am doing something wrong?  Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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Joe, I think I follow what you are wanting (Navigate to only Titles you have at least 1 owned Issue but display all (or at least non-variants) when that Title is displayed.

If this is correct, then are are correct in that it can't (currently) be done.

The Find Title window list of Titles and the View settings are unrelated (One is just a filtered list to select from and the other is a preference setting for display).

I think I remember what you are describing. The navigation arrows (top right corner) used to have some additional functionality where you could right-click on them and select some action (like go to next title without covers) one of which was to display only Titles you owned (going by memory here so I could be mistaken...).

You should probably create a thread under Feature Suggestions and mention that you would like the ability to Navigate between only Titles you have one or more Issues and to display only Owned and Regular Issues for those Titles.

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