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2020 Psychic typing in find isn't working

Geoffrey B. Scobel

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I thought it made more sense to add this as a new topic.  To fix a few bugs I installed the latest build of 2020.  Now, when I type into the Find box, where it used to expand and show me options to select, I no longer get the drop down that displays my results.  The results are being pulled because if I use my down arrow, multiple titles scroll through the Find box itself but for some reason the drop down no longer appears rendering the box essentially non-functional.  I have tried rebuilding all the lists and that didn't fix anything.  I don't know why just installing the latest version would have negatively impacted this feature, any ideas?

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This really seems like some sort of video issue with this new revision.  The first time I bring up comicbase and type something in the box, the drop down appears for a second or two and then disappears and never returns until comicbase is restarted again.  I don't know what setting could possibly be causing this but I have reinstalled twice and the same issue persists

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I may have typed too soon...

The test Title I was using seemed to bring up suggestions.

However, a closer examination reveals some weird behavior.

Here is what I had to do to (apparently) fix it.


click the Find drop-down box (to the right of the input box, and select Title Name or Barcode. (Yes, it appears it is already checked but select it anyway.

After I did this, it started working as I expect.


For some unknown reason, the initial display is acting (for me) as if Storylines was selected.

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