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Professional seen as Archive Edition?

Todd Norris

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Hi Everyone - 

I'm new to the ComicBase group and I purchased the Professional version today to start cataloging my collection to better organize and know what I actually have. My issue is that I went to download my software from the "Registered Products" page of the website, after I have logged in. Everything downloaded and installed correctly, but when I go to log-in and input my credentials I get the following error message:

"ComicBase 2020 Archive Edition
You won't be able to run this program since you don't seem to have a serial number for ComicBase 2020 Archive Edition registered to that ComicBase account."

The issue is that I did not purchase the Archive edition, I purchased the Professional edition. The program even installed as "Professional" and shows on my desktop as the Professional edition. So what should I do to resolve this issue? Has anyone else run into this? I couldn't find anything in the forums on this issue.

FYI... I have already uninstalled the software, restarted my computer and reinstalled the software and the same issue persists. Thanks in advance.

ComicBase Professional Install.png

Professional Not Archive.png

Error Message.png

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