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X-Men (2nd Series) Deluxe versions

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Putting in my X-Men (2nd Series) comics and noticed that separate Deluxe/DLX variations are only given for issues #38-41, but the cover scans for most issues after that (not #45 nor #50) through #52 show "Deluxe" on the cover scans, but are not listed as a separate DLX variation.

So, before I start adding in a bunch of new "DLX" variations and sending them in, are they actually considered different variations?


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The DLX variation for those periodical issues should be used only in cases where there is also a non-deluxe version.  (The "Deluxe" had glossy paper and a slightly higher price; the non-Deluxe versions had non-glossy paper.) 

The presence of "Deluxe" on the covers of individual Marvel comics from that time period do not necessarily mean that there was a non-deluxe version published.  In some cases, there was but in some cases there was not.  So before you submit a DLX variant for any of those issues, please verify that a non-Deluxe version of that issue was indeed published.  

Also a reminder that the current and long-standing CB policy is that Direct Market and Newsstand variants are not tracked in the database unless there is a difference such as cover price, paper stock, etc.  (A notation of "Newsstand" or "Direct Market" in the UPC box is, in the absence of other differences, not enough for CB to list the items as separate variants.)  

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