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The Gates of Eden

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I own Gates of Eden #1 (and it is listed in the database), but I just came across an advertisement on the back cover of the Fantaco Chronicles Annual that advertises Gates of Eden #2 as being available for order.  (Photos attached.)  

ComicBase, mycomicshop, Mile High, and comics.org all list Gates of Eden #1 but not #2.  eBay includes listings for #1 but not #2.  A quick Google search comes up with a few listings of #2 as never having been published.  I find it odd that Fantaco would advertise #2 as being for sale (including a cover image) if it was never published, but I am unable to find evidence that it exists.  

Is anybody able to shed more light on this?  

(Please note that I am only looking to confirm whether or not issue #2 exists, and in the absence of evidence I am NOT advocating for it to be added to ComicBase.)




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For what it is worth, I have never seen a copy of the second issue. Then again, I have also never run across either of the two issue of Vol. 2 that Mitch Cohn published in 1992, which don't appear to contain the material that was advertised for Vol. 1 #2. The ad does make it seem like it was available through mail order, though, so maybe some copies exist, but I suspect it was never published.

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