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David Salt

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Hello everyone,

I am experiencing an issue with the App.  When I open it it correctly states the number of issues I own, however, after clicking View Report, I've noticed that issues that I have added don't reflect.  An example is issues 27 and 28 of Immortal Hulk.  They are reflected properly in the software on my laptop but they are not reflected under View Report on the App.  I've noticed many others issues missing from other titles.  

I've optimized the database each time before backing up to the cloud.

Anyone have any ideas of what may be happening?  Any help is welcome.

Thank you.

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Our report uploader ran into technical difficulties over the Holiday break. It’s been rebooted and now is processing through a large list of reports from our users. So what you see now in the App may not be current. We apologize for the inconvenience, it may take several hours for it to catch up and post all those reports.

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