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11/8/21 livestream

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I watch the replay of the livestream because I can't make it due to other commitments.

A question I have is:

When adding a new title it used to be easy to click on icons for superheroes, war, romance, adult etc; this has changed with recent versions of comicbase and I don't know how to use it.

Any chance of explaining in the livestream?

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To add the Genre (Super-Heroes, War, Romance, etc.) to a Title you would (see attachment below):
1) Bring up the Title box (CTRL+T)
2) Select a Title (if not already selected) and click the Modify button.
3) In the lower right corner, there is a 'Tag' box. Enter your genre, one per line.

NOTE: The old way where you just checked a box, the names were standardized. This new way is free-form so it is not as easy to be consistent (i.e. Super-Heroes, Super-Hero, Superhero could all be typed in).

Add Genre.JPG

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