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  1. Kurt, I'm not sure about importing from a spreadsheet, but I suspect that might now be possible. I'll defer to someone knowledgeable about the inner workings to answer that. Regarding your second question, I think you can use the View button at the top of the screen to change the view to only the listings that you have. Select View>Items to Show>Owned Items. In earlier versions of CB you could delete unowned items from your database, but with 2020 I think you can only remove them from your view. I hope this helps. r/ Mike
  2. Unless there's a substantial difference in value, I leave mine as Regular.
  3. Glad I could help. Be advised that the CB office is closed until 1/2/2020, so you might not get an answer if you call before then. r/ Mike
  4. Hello Mark, Once you've installed the program, you can select a title, which will open its list of issues, then you can click the cursor in the far left column, which will highlight the row, and hitting the <enter> key will open a window with the issue details, into which you can enter such issue-specific information as you desire. The first item you'll see is the Quantity (that's where the cursor starts). You would overwrite the 0 by typing the quantity you have of that issue - probably 1 in most instances. There are alternative methods to insert your data, but I think this is the best way to start. This way lets you see all the issue details. In the beginning, you'll want to use the "all titles" feature when you search for a title. Once you've populated the database, using the "Titles in Stock" filter will show you only the titles for which you have at least one issue. I hope this helps you get started. Good luck and have fun.
  5. The restored version of the "psychic typing" doesn't consider any parenthetical text, which CB2017 did. That being the case, is there a way to export or see the list of existing entries in the Appearances list? Using Items>Find>Appearances in CB2017 showed the list of contents as you typed in the text you wanted, but that also no longer happens.
  6. When I tab through the issue fields, the cursor opens where it was when I was in that field the last time, which is not always at the end of already entered text. The only time it starts at the end of already entered text is when I use the mouse to open that data field - unless I manually place the cursor within the string of already entered data.
  7. Steven, I understand, but since I threw away the image and emptied the trashcan, I don't have the answer. I offered the image size in hopes that might lead to some insight - apologies for sending you information you didn't need. Thanks for the help. r/ Mike
  8. Thanks, but another 7 or 8 attempts were equally unsuccessful. No matter how small I shrink the picture, it still blows up beyond the border of the circle. Maybe someday I'll try again.
  9. How small does the profile picture have to be to fit within the circle? I've taken one down to 66 x 77 and 19.5 KB, but still can't get the entire head shot within the frame.
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