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  1. It's just the interiors. A mix of both letterer's pages were used.
  2. So it turns out that Savage Dragon #260/B has printing errors and it was recalled by the printers. They will be printing corrected versions but the cover to both will be exactly the same so I'm just wondering how should this misprint be entered into ComicBase since there are definitely copies out in the wild? Should it just be #260/C?
  3. Thanks for following up. I checked the next day and the update seems to have taken.
  4. I've been scanning in some covers for issues that don't have high res covers, and while in most cases ComicBase will ask me if I want to upload the bigger cover, I wasn't prompted to do so with a few issues from Elementals Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. I know that my cover scans are much bigger than what I have been able to download directly from ComicBase, so I'm just wondering if there is a some kind threshold in place when it comes to uploading new covers. I'm scanning everything in at 300 dpi and all the files seem to end up being in the 11MB to 12MB range.
  5. I tried doing a content update today and got the following errors when I tried updating from within Comic Base and directly from sidekick. The issue doesn't currently exist in my database so I'm not sure if there's anything on my end I can do to get the update to work.
  6. Thanks. I just made the changes to all the entries I previously made and submitted the corrections. Sorry for the extra work your review staff will have to do!
  7. And forgive my ignorance, but what is the difference between a paperback and a mass market paperback?
  8. Well that's an easy fix. You just need to submit a correction.
  9. Ok. Sounds like the best thing to do is just enter them as separate titles. Thanks for the input guys!
  10. I actually already created this series and uploaded it as new content. I was really hoping to keep the non-numbered TNG books under the same title as a special, similar to something like Elementals (Vol. 1) which has two special issues listed under the main title.
  11. I'm slowly entering my paperback and hardcover novels into ComicBase and I'm not sure how to enter standalone novels that belong to a series. For instance, the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel series has a number of standalone books that are novelisations of specific episodes like "Unification" or "Descent" which aren't numbered. I've attached a scan from inside the front cover of one of the novels to show you what I mean. I'd like to keep these standalone books as part of the series, so should I just enter them without ticking the "Part of a numbered series" checkbox? Should I select "Special Edition" for the edition? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I tried to submit a price check through ComicBase but I got an error message, so I figure I'd just post here. Right now it's listed at $245.00, but I don't think it should be anywhere near that. Even Mile High Comics (who generally have overly-inflated prices in my opinion) are only listing a NM copy at $20.00 Thanks for checking!
  13. Thanks! That’s a great idea. I wish I’d thought of it when I was updating everything.
  14. Yup. As an example, I changed media type on Wizard Magazine from Comic Book to Magazine and the condition was the same, although several other fields were different, and it created a duplicate. The same thing happens when I just transfer from one title to another within the same media type.
  15. Okay, thanks. I wasn't sure if it would turn up on AA if it was classified as a book.
  16. One of the titles in my comic book collection which comes up as unrecognised is X-Men: Survival Guide to the Mansion. I see that it is instead listed under Books. I get that we are trying to classify a comic book as sequential art that tells a story, but from a buyer's and seller's perspective, wouldn't it make more sense to list it as a comic? I know that if I personally were searching for this item to buy, I would search for it under comic books for sale, and not books.
  17. It's a bit of both. Sometimes I'm just transferring issues from one comic title to another when I've got the title wrong, and sometimes I am transferring from comics to magazines. In both cases I've seen issues duplicated. As far as I can tell it happens when all the fields aren't exactly the same. At first I thought it was just the price field, but I've also noticed it happen when the notes are different too.
  18. I started cleaning up my database today since I noticed that I had quite a few unrecognised titles. Some were due to the recent addition of the different media types, and some were due to input errors on my part. I decided to use the "Transfer Items to a Different Title" feature, and while it did the job, in many cases it it created duplicates instead of just doing a one-for-one transfer. I believe this is because the the "Price" fields didn't match up, with a lot of the issues being transferred having gone up or down in value. Is there a way of overriding the creation of duplicates? I'd rather have the issues I am transferring update to current market values rather than creating duplicates that maintains the value of the items being transferred. Thanks!
  19. How hard would it be to make Books and Magazines searchable in the app? Would it be possible to add something in the app which allows you to select which media type you want to search? Right now the only method I can think of to make this work would be to create a different database for each media type and then switch to the relevant database before searching. Thanks!
  20. Just thought I'd provide an update the Previews Pullbox feature. You can now see DC stuff and add it to your pull box, although you still can't order any of it from Diamond.
  21. Which ones are you using? I'm using Dymo 30252 Compatible 1-1/8" x 3-1/2" Address Labels and they fit the Ultra Pro dividers as long as you don't mind placing them a few millimetres from the top. Although I must admit I also trim mine because I like to have them snug to the top of the divider tab as well.
  22. Just tried the search function and it seems to working again.
  23. https://www.previewsworld.com has a pullbox feature now, and I believe you can link it to your LCS. Edited to add: Oops. I only looked at July 17th and didn’t notice the year!
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