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  1. By my count, we now have five different threads this month (all started by the same user) asking or commenting about whether Atomic Avenue is down. Putting on my Moderator's Hat™, I think that this getting out of hand. As per Mark Castaneda's post on 7/25, if somebody encounters connectivity issues with the Atomic Avenue site, here are your two options (in order of preference): 1. Send an email to support@atomicavenue.com That is the fastest way to get the word out to somebody who can do something about the problem. 2. Post something at the Atomic Avenue message board, particularly the Tech Support forum. If the AA msg boards are down, see #1 above. I am going to merge the different 7/2022 "AA is down" threads that currently exist on this message board. Any new "Is AA down" threads that get started on the ComicBase message board runs the risk of getting moved, locked, or deleted depending on circumstances and what I and the other CB board mods feel is appropriate.
  2. The following have been cancelled by Marvel. Even though the intention is for them to be resolicited for release sometime in 2023, plans can change... and, even if they are resolicited, details such as cover price and contents can change. With that in mind, the following should be removed from the database: • What If?: Into the Multiverse Omnibus • Star Wars Legends: The Rebellion Omnibus • Spider-Man 2099 Omnibus (I'm not seeing this one in the database, so it is possible that it didn't get added yet)
  3. Are these pictures that are on your local drive or pictures that are accessed from the HC servers? If the latter, it appears that Atomic Avenue is having issues again this evening, and that may mean that other parts of HC are also on the blink.
  4. Similar story for X-Men Visionaries 2: The Neal Adams Collection. #1 (2nd print) and Book #1 (2nd print) are the same thing. I suggest deleting Book #1 (2nd print) so that the issue numbering within the title remains consistent.
  5. Looks like X-Men: The Origin of Generation X #1 (2nd printing) and Book #1 (2nd printing) are the same thing. I suggest deleting the latter so that the issue numbering in the title remains consistent (i.e., there is an issue #1 first print but not a Book #1 first print).
  6. It's not just you. AA stopped working at some point late last night Eastern Time.
  7. My guess is that it is a variant of this issue. If that is the case, then the variant that you have is not in the database yet.
  8. The database lists the title Thing: Pegasus Project. That title is nowhere to be found in or on the actual book. The indicia on the second page does not include the title, but the first page and the front cover both state The Project Pegasus Saga Starring the Thing. I know that this one has been in the database for a long time so it is probably too late to get this title corrected. But I thought that I would put this out there just in case.
  9. Does issue #4 of East Meets West (2nd series) exist? Issues #1 through 3 are listed on Mile High and Mycomicshop, but not #4. (Comics.org does not list the series at all, so no help from there...)
  10. Yes, I think you can have more than one database that posts to the AA store. HOWEVER, my advice is that things are much simpler at your end if you only have one database that posts to AA. The general recommendation is to keep things simple since that means much lower potential for problems at your end over time.
  11. Yukio first appearance is a cameo in three panels on the last page of issue #1. Her first full appearance is in issue #2. I leave it to @Mark J. Castaneda to determine how CB wishes to handle this.
  12. Try the "Rebuild Lists" function (also located in "File Tools") and see if that makes the problem go away.
  13. The UPC for that issue is listed in the database as 76194135745400141 Does that match what is on the actual comic you have on hand?
  14. https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/911412/1/The-Green-Lantern-6th-Series-1-Variation-D
  15. Hi folks -- Pete needs some time to catch up on CB stuff, so he is pushing today's Livestream (7/6/2022) to next week.
  16. Are you trying to delete your AA inventory from the CB14 database? Or are you trying to open the CB14 database with CB22 so that you can actively update and maintain that AA inventory?
  17. Daredevil Epic Collection #12 has been cancelled. It will apparently be resolicited in the upcoming July catalog, but there are rumors that the cover price may be different. So my recommendation would be to delete the listing for this issue for now and keep an eye on the skies for the new solicit.
  18. The database lists issues #5 & #6 for the title Real Heroes (Image). I fairly certain that those issues were never published.
  19. Depending on the scanner that you are using, sometimes you need to increase the distance between the scanner and the bar code to increase the likelihood that the scanner will pick up all of the bar code digits (particularly those last few "supplemental digits" such as in your case). Sometimes holding the scanner 12" or more away from the barcode gives a more accurate read.
  20. Just a heads up for folks that haven't listened to Wednesday's Livestream (6/15) yet that there may or may not be a show next week (6/22) as @Peter R. Bickford is might not be available.
  21. This week's update added the title Conqueror Worm (Comics Experiences, Edgar Allan Poe’s...), The. The way the title name is structured looks... weird. Comics Experiences is the publisher, but there also needs to be the attribution to Poe. And there are already other "Conqueror Worm" titles in the database. But is this really the best way to name this title in the database? Thoughts? (And it might be moot anyway, since it looks like this is a duplicate of the existing The Conqueror Worm (CEX) title...) Also added was the G.i. Joe, a Real American Hero: Best of Storm Shadow title. Note that the "i" in "G.I. Joe" should be capitalized.
  22. I can confirm, the Marvel Vision title did not contain comic stories. It was a magazine.
  23. The database lists the magazine Illustrators as a US title. That magazine is published by Book Palace which is actually based in the UK.
  24. The database includes the title Sci-Fi Classics Comics. The correct title is actually PS Artbooks Presents Classic Science Fiction Comics which fortunately already exists in the database. The items listed under Sci-Fi Classics Comics should be moved to PS Artbooks Presents Classic Science Fiction Comics. And then Sci-Fi Classics Comics should then be deleted.
  25. Well, here is something interesting to note: When I try typing GI Joe a Real American Hero into the search bar on ComicBase, the Marvel/IDW title comes up easy-peasy just like it is supposed to. But when I try doing the same thing in the Atomic Avenue search bar, that title does not show up as one of the suggested titles in the drop down. The GIJARMH Artist's Edition, GIJARMH Complete Silence, GIJARMH Saturday Morning Adventures, GIJARMH Serpentor Uncoiled, GIJARMH Snake Eyes: The Origin, and GIJARMH vs. The Six Million Dollar Man are the only suggested titles. If I type in A Real American Hero, the dropdown gives me the same choices... but clicking outside of the dropdown and then clicking the GO button, I get a number of additional titles that *should* have shown up in the search dropdown but were MIA. So just a heads up to @Mark J. Castaneda, @Peter R. Bickford, and the HC programming team that the Atomic Avenue search tool still has some kinks in it that need to be ironed out.
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