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  1. Because that's not how the database thinks about items. Different grades are different items.
  2. I think it was official (it has an official scan), I put one in inventory last year, and didn't notice that it was showing up in the "Unknown items" list. I was just processing FCBD issues I got this year, had another one, and found two and posted without doing better research of my own. Thank you.
  3. There appears to be 2 entries for this book, in both "Red Sonja (Dynamite, Vol. 6)" and "Red Sonja (Dynamite, Vol. 7)"
  4. I assume this is like Marvel Previews and DC Connect, a serialized solicitation that would be classified as a Magazine. Any ideas where to find this? I'm holding a February 2024 with a TMNT cover and UPC on the back of 82771403288800111, with no indicia I can find.
  5. So, you've entered a bunch of new comics, or are flipping through a box, and want to compare the comics in your hand with a listing of comics in the grid... How about a mode where the focus advances in the grid automatically every 2 seconds? Or advances on auditory cue? Probably too much for voice recognition "next" vs. "back", but advancing on a sound threshold could work.
  6. One mode of operation... I have a populated database of my collection. I want to verify that it correctly reflects my physical collection. I start Inventory Validation Mode. I open every box. I scan the bar code of every comic. When finished, I run a validation report. If everything reconciles, then I.Quantity = I.ValidateQuantity for every item in the database. Any discrepancies between the two lead you to question where missing books went or where new books came from. Yes, you could just start a new, blank database, scan every book and have a complete and up-to-date inventory. But you don't know what changed. And yes, you could compare the new database with the old, but you would have to do that manually. This might not appeal to everyone, but the same could be said for various other features of CB, too.
  7. Meant to be used with a bar code scanner. A process similar to "Add by Barcode", but instead of incrementing the Quantity field, it would increment a separate field, I.ValidateQuantity. Several support features... While scanning a block of issues, the listing identifies reconciled/differences between quantity and Validate Quantity. After scanning a block of issues, mark scanned issues. Whole collection reconciliation report. Reconciliation Report on Find subsets (for example, reconcile for CF1 = Box010)
  8. I meant separate moveable, resizable windows. I realize I implied with my title a detail I left unwritten in my post. I run a 3-screen setup, with my smaller laptop screen in the center. To accommodate my interface vision, but be adjustable for other people's setups, I was picturing separate windows, allowing you to rearrange and resize the windows as needed.
  9. This started with the thought that it's a shame that, when using the interface, the cover scan is constrained to, at most, about half a screen height. 2 Window Mode First Window with Title Selection and Issue Grid. Above the Issue Grid, instead of showing Issue Information, it shows Title Information. Second Window, left portion shows cover scan, right portion shows issue information. 3 Window Mode First Window shows a Title Grid. Second Window shows an Issue Grid. Third Window shows, left portion shows cover scan, right portion shows issue information. 4 Window Mode First Window shows Title Grid. Second Window shows Issue Grid. Third Window show Issue information. Fourth Window show Cover Scan.
  10. I have in my hands Duke #1/A, Image 2023. Zappy zapped and it was recognized as Cobra Commander #1/A, Image 2024. My book has UPC of 70985303852800111, which is what is currently in CB for Cobra Commander, while CB has 70985303854200111 for Duke.
  11. Clarification - Item Description is used to identify an issue variation from the other variations of the same issue #. As such, it mostly focuses on details of the cover that would distinguish it from other variations. Yes?
  12. I have other programs that patch and update without this issue though. Microsoft manages it with it's products, yes?
  13. Is there any way to allow the program to update without invalidating pre-existing shortcuts? I had long ago given up pinning a shortcut to my Taskbar, because every program update required me to remake the link.
  14. Thank you. I did finally get the time to do the housekeeping on my side to upgrade to '24.
  15. As we transition to the new year, ongoing titles should be listed as running through "Present", while finished series should be listed as running through "2023" or "2024", yes? I have a support spreadsheet that recognizes series with Present to assumptively differentiate between a concluding series hole vs. an ongoing series not-yet-released future issues.
  16. Sorry, I wasn't clear. Scorched Earth was apparently corrected from initially bein dashed to properly coloned, which prompted my question about the seemingly similarly punctuated Battle Lines. Thank you.
  17. So, I updated the content, looked at the unrecognized issues and found 1 reported: Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War—Scorched Earth I do a search in ComicBase for Batman/Catwoman, and see the following titles: Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Prelude—Batman Day Special Edition Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Red Hood Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Scorched Earth Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War—Battle Lines Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War—Scorched Earth My question - Colon vs. Dash. If Scorched Earth's sub-subtitle is being prefaced by a colon, should Battle Lines as well? What about the sub-sub-subtitle for the Batman Day Special Edition?
  18. When I upgrade a version of CB, I take the time for a yearly archive and cleaning. It might not take time to install, but I do. However, having been on vacation, I have a 3-week backlog of issues to enter, and a 3-week out-of-date database to update before entering, and would really like to continue using CB2023 at the moment. I would really like to just apply the content update at the moment without doing the upgrade, which I seem to not be able to do. Holding down the Shift or Ctrl key while Checking for update does not bypass the Program update prompt.
  19. I'm not quite ready with my time to switch over to CB2024. I've been away for a few weeks, and just want to apply the content update to my current CB2023 database. Internet | Check for Updates, and I'm presented with the "Program Update Available" window, presenting 2 choices, "Update" or "Not Now". I don't wish to update, so I choose "Not Now", and... nothing. Shouldn't it proceed to the content update?
  20. Thanks, it always looks odd when the database has internal gaps.
  21. Two Livestream suggestions... 1) Re-re-re-request a tour of what it looks like from the editor's point of view when they process additions/corrections/new cover scans. 2) Demonstrations of cover attributes... Standard, wide, wraparound, gatefold, Ptych, Binding types, special covers...
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