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  1. Works well if it's a search and has both Title and Item # columns... Avengers & Moon Girl 1/B X-Men & Moon Girl 1/A A.X.E.: X-Men 1/A not so well if you're in a Title grid... 1/A 1/B 1/C
  2. Also also, 13/G has a wrong cover - collage instead of individual cover.
  3. Add to the right-click menu for issues in the grid... Copy Issue identification to clipboard. Issue titles and Item numbers. Would make reporting of issues with issues via forum or e-mail both faster and less typo-prone.
  4. Yes... I understand we can do that... I'm suggesting an additional in program way to do this that could fit better in the flow of user and the ComicBase editorial system. Instead of the user copying the picture(s) into an e-mail, typing a message which might or might not contain typos or misinformation, and then requiring the editorial team to open the individual e-mails, read and understand the message, find title(s) and issue(s) in question and copy the pictures over.
  5. As far as I know, there is no automated way to submit corrections of these kinds Current scan is not cropped, either with extra edge graphics or the bare scanner bed. Correction will probably be smaller. Current scan is a collage when the book is only a portion of the collage. Correction will probably be smaller. Current scan is for the wrong book. Correction might be smaller or same size. Current scan needs a rotation. Correction will probably be the same size. I understand the normal process can avoid sending if the image is not larger, but a manual override can be useful in some circumstances.
  6. I understand the difficulties on consistency. I'm unclear on what this last statement is saying, though... Are landscape-oriented scans for internally portrait oriented books acceptable? And if so, is there a way to force a user correction submission for rotation, as that will generally be a same-size picture and not automatically submitted?
  7. Apologies, I hadn't looked it up because I hadn't considered that it wasn't widely available. Apparently, the spill formulas I used are available only in Excel 365 on the various platforms. I knew they were new, but hadn't considered how new... Thank you for trying.
  8. Say you've selected a number of issues and want to add a note to the Notes field, a detail to an Item Description, a name to one of the Credit fields. You don't want to disturb the existing information, but you also don't want to manually add the detail to each issue, one by one. Add a check box to the Quick Change dialog such that the change doesn't replace the entries, but adds to them. I would suggest that the feature does a check for a leading delimiter and offers to add one if missing.
  9. It doesn't look like Find & Replace will append to the end? If I want to add to the Notes field, say, is there a way?
  10. Again, no hurry... just wondered with the fast feedback earlier whether there was any new news...
  11. I did some additional searches, narrowing by publisher or looking at higher ratios, but the numbers don't really matter... What dose or doesn't currently exist, which scans follow the rules and which ones break the rules. The question isn't what the rules/guidelines are for portrait vs. landscape cover scans, but why those are the rules/guidelines. The best reason I can come up with was that early on there was a desire to optimize the resolution of the thumbnail scans. But, if so, is that still a valid reason? Screens are larger now. I think the software currently uses a larger default/initial thumbnail size than before. And we currently accept landscape scans for comic strip books, wide scans for wraparound and gatefold covers. Why don't we accept landscape scans for special covers on internally standard books?
  12. Did a rebuild last night. Advanced find for ((I.[PictureWidth]*10)/I.[PictureHeight] > 14) AND ((I.[PictureWidth]*10)/I.[PictureHeight] < 17) which I believe winnowed out wraparound and gatefold cover scans. There are 1,822 cover scans that look like they have been entered in landscape orientation. I highly doubt that the majority of those were books that read entirely in landscape. I think the cat is out of the bag...
  13. No hurry, but did you manage to get it working?
  14. Both are wraparound covers that together form a diptych. Both cover scans appear to have extra stuff above and below the cover image, I assume that came from some solicitation.
  15. In the Find and Replace dialog window... Drop-down box with options of None, Mark, Custom Check 1, Custom Check 2, Custom Check 3. Before Replace All is performed, check to see if the selected Check Box is unchecked across the whole database, prompt with warning if not. For every issue modified by Replace All, set the selected Check Box. Check Box to opt in to perform a search of the checked setting after the Replace All is finished.
  16. Writer, Artist, Inker, Letterer, Editor, Cover Artist, Colorist, Cover Inker. Might also consider WICCLACE...
  17. Thanks for the warning. I'll play around with this. With a backup.
  18. I suppose I could have moused around a little before asking... I right-click for Quick Change and didn't see it in the Right-click menu and didn't look further. Thanks
  19. Is there a ComicBase Find & Replace? Quick Change will replace an entire field, but if I want to correct a semi-consistent misspelling in random places in a field, is there a way to do that in program? Is there a way to export/import such that I could use Excel to do some find & replace, such that the import will overwrite the changed field and not make duplicate entries?
  20. All well and good to search by Artist, by Writer, by Cover... But how about an overall Credits search, which automatically searches for a name in all the different credit fields? Some of these people have multiple talents... In the Find bar. In the regular Search window. Is there anyone who has won the ComicBase version of an EGOT, a WAILECaCoCi (tm)?
  21. IVX #1/M Despite the inidicia apparently identifying the series as "IVX", the majority of covers read "Inhumans vs. X-Men", with a minority bearing both, and apparently none with "IVX" on it's own. So, all of these can rightly have an Item Title of "Inhumans vs. X-Men" #1/M looks like the only virgin variant. Would it be right to give it an "Inhumans vs. X-Men" Item Title, too?
  22. Ah, so staples don't always have to go on the left... 🙂
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