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  1. Oh-ho. It's the staple, is it... So many Manga books must either be mis-rotated 180 degrees or scanning the wrong cover, huh? 😉
  2. I need to do a rebuild, my picture information isn't complete. I think a judicious search of Picture Height/Width ratios would find that this has been inconsistent in implementation. Satirical question: Are ComicBase users going to be confused? If the scan isn't in portrait aspect, will they not recognize it? Do you throw away reject m&m's with E's, 3's and W's printed on them? 😉 Rhetorical questions: Do comic stores display landsacpe-bound or landscape-read books sideways? Would they if the could? Do comic stores display wraparound or gatefold covers fully opened? Would they if they could? What about the text orientation? Should the Title or other important text be oriented for normal reading presentation? Would they if they could? In my mind, the most important question: When an artist purposefully draws art meant to be viewed in landscape orientation, doesn't their art deserve to be presented as they intended?
  3. The Item descriptions variously describe this as "Unlock Royal Rumble" or "Unlockable Royal Rumble". Is Unlock/Unlockable a store name? Is it a description of how a store gains the particular variant? Is it referencing a specific type of Royal Rumble?
  4. No problem. I, of course, never make mistakes when posting on this forum, so I have no common frame of reference 😉
  5. That's the direction I was leaning. Nice to have company on this one.
  6. Wellllll, this is interesting information. Could we get a more official pronouncement on the criteria for this?
  7. perusing thesaurus.com... How about oppose/opposition/opposing? Balanced? Contrary? Twinned? Coordinating? Paired?
  8. Even more confusing, some of those covers use s font of all upper-case-shaped characters with mixed sizes that imply Upper-upper case and Lower-upper case. Question on your last sentence... I thought, for ComicBase purposes, an incorrect indicia trumped proper syntax, grammar, punctuation, loic, or consistency with other titles?
  9. Thank you. These should get added. Should they be 2/A and 3/A? I primarily ask because #2 has a #2 and 2/B, but no current 2/A. To your general sentiment, yes, visually a cover might have the earmarks of a connecting cover. Usually (exceptions do happen), when I bring these up, I'm asking because there was already a statement in the Notes/Item Description and the cover really, really looks like it should. In this case, the Item Description reads "The One Stop Shop Comics Exclusive Connecting Cover Variant Cover by Ben Bishop" and the arms begged for a body. I am confused by why you say they are not connecting covers. The arms, the smoke, the lightning, and the webs all look like they would reasonably link up, and thus these would be a true triptych. I so far haven't asked in many cases where I think comments like this were in error. Like the adjacent #1/P. I'm waiting to look to see if they seem like copy-paste errors, and to post them all at once.
  10. That is the Item Description for a 4-ptych. All four cover scans should be rotated, as the individual images combine in landscape, not portrait.
  11. First pass complete. 1,257 issues identified, 388 connected covers, including 267 that had no indication of their being part of connected covers.
  12. Also, is #14/D the B&W virgin companion of 13/G?
  13. Oh, Liefeld... *sigh* I'm having a little difficulty accepting this one. There's only one pair with a non-wall crossover, and there has to be a gap between them to accommodate the upper arm cuff. Is 1/D the 1st of a 6-ptych, or is the gap between 1/C and 1/D so large that the entire arm falls in the gutter? The rest of them, well again, there would have to be gaps, accommodating the small slivers of characters that might cross over, and that the wall cracks don't line up. And to top that off, the horizontal wall lines are spaced differently on 1/A vs. 1/B vs 1/C, vs. the rest. Do I throw my hands up, call it a 6-ptych, and say "Liefled tried?"
  14. WWE, there's a 12-ptych by Brent Schoonover across variants of issues 1-12. There's the start of another large -ptych across variants of 13-16, and 17 looks like it fits under 13&14. Brent Schoonoevr has additional variant covers for issues 18-24, but we have no cover scans. Anyone have scans or info on these covers?
  15. non-standard scan - not a wraparound cover.
  16. -ptych covers reasonably connect seamlessly edge-to-edge into a single related image. But there are are some situations that are close, but don't fit the classic definition. Proposed keywords Partial -ptych - Wolverine (Vol. 3) 6-4, 67-3, 68-3, 9-2 70-4 - Some elements obviously connect, while other elements do not. Overlap - Witchcraft 1-2-3 - a perfect collage, but with overlapping, not connected covers Contrast - White Widow 1/V44-1/V45 - a semi-mirrored image, usually showing contrasting scenes, or sometimes splitting two faces
  17. In lookin at connecting covers, I found myself in the title "WildC.A.Ts. (6th series)", and that looked odd. Looking at the title on the cover of #1, It is punctuated with the third period after the "T", not the "s". Looking at the list of titles, there's a number of different ways this team name is capitalized and punctuated. Looking at the cover scans, okay, it looks like they were inconsistent. But, I have to wonder if we've represented each of these as they were meant to be, specifically with the final "S" or "s".
  18. Sure looks like there's at least one right to this cover's left...
  19. Here's the scenario. I currently am using Custom Field 4 to hold some of my information I'm recording about Connected Covers. I'm cleaning up some of my temporary notes. I currently have a few issues with "test" in CF4. So, I use regular (not advanced) search for Custom Field 4 contains "test", and get 11 returns - 5 issues have the single word "test", and 6 have my current entries about one of the connected covers, "6-ptych covers across Contest of Champions 1/D, 2/A, 3/B, 4/C, 5/B, 6/B". I click the header for Custom Field 4 to sort, bringing my 5 "test" entries to the bottom of the grid. I scroll to the first one in row 7, click the CF4 cell, scroll to the bottom of the grid and shift click on the CF4 cell. I have now highlighted the CF4 cells of the last 5 rows. And I press the DELTE key. The intention being to delete the word "test" from those 5 issues. But, what I get instead is 3 "test"s deleted, and 2 "6-ptych covers across Contest of Champions 1/D, 2/A, 3/B, 4/C, 5/B, 6/B" deleted. When the grid was first sorted by CF4, the issue numbers were in this order: 1/D, 2/A, 3/B, 4/C, 5/B, 6/B (the Contest of Champions) and 13/C, 13/D, 14/C, 14/D, 14/F (the 5 "test"s). After the deletes, still sorted by CF4, the issue numbers were in this order: 4/C, 6/B, 13/D, 14/D, 14/F (the 5 with CF4 deleted), then 1/D, 2/A, 3/B, 5/B, 13/C, 14/C. I believe this is the process that happened. First it deleted in row 10, 14/D, and resorted. Then it deleted in new row 9, 13/D, and resorted. Then it deleted in new new row 8, 6/B, and resorted. Then it deleted in new new new row 7, 4/C, and resorted. Then is deleted in new new new new row 11, 14/F, and resorted.
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