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  1. Just updated to latest version and i'm getting a different unhandled exception. File attached. comicbase-sidekick-update-error.txt
  2. I'd also like to have the ability to use the original UPC barcode...A number of comics either don't include the barcode (older direct sales) or have the barcode on the back of the issue, which is obviously not visible when bagged.
  3. Windows 7 64bit install problem: (also submitted to support@comicbase.com) I'm trying to load the latest version of ComicBase 2021 Pro (v21.0.2.1786) onto a Windows 7 computer. See the attached for the error. Ignoring this error only leads to more errors concerning Crystal reports. I've tried to install/remove/install serveral times with no change. Also tried suggestion here for this error: same as here: and got the same error
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