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Adding Media Files Causes Slowdown

Andrew d’Entremont

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I mentioned this in the livestream yesterday, and Pete said it shouldn't be a problem, but when I add a bunch of .CBR files to a title and try to navigate to it from another title it slows down considerably. I can go back and forth between other large titles without a problem.

I made a short screen recording to show what I mean. Any idea why this might be happening? The media files are sitting on a SSD and I'm running with 32GB of RAM so I don't think it's a problem with my PC. 


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Only thing that comes to mind: Are you perhaps storing your media files on a much slower disk than your pictures?

The only thing ComicBase is reading is the presence/absence of a file called [item number].cbr (or .pdf, .cbz, etc.) -- it's not opening the file or doing anything else -- it's purely a directory scan operation. Unless the disk is very slow/failing, I can't think of a cause that adding as many media files as you want would slow the scan.



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