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Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special #4

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First of probably several questions while reconciling "unknown" issues...


I have Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special #4, which is on the list of both unknown titles and unknown issues.

My database has a single entry in that title, the #4 that I have 1 of.


I check on AtomicAvenue, and not only does it have the Title, not only does it have issue #4 in question, it has an additional 5 issues in the title that I don't have in my database.

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Some things to check when this happens.

A) Did the Title move from one type to another? (i.e. from Comic Books to Books or Magazines)

The Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special in my database (and on AA) is listed with Magazines. (I am guessing yours is in Comic Books).

B) Did the Publisher change?

C) Check the name very closely.

Some Title name changes sure due to typos or punctuation. Sometime these changes are very subtle and hard to see.

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Ahhhhh, hadn't thought of that yet.  The addition of different categories within ComicBase can effectively hide an existing title from view.  There they are.


  1. Knowing now what happened, I notice that AtomicAvenue is nearly silent about the fact that this title is a magazine, not a comic book.  Having pulled up the page for "Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special", there is nothing on the page identifying that this is a magazine, not a comic.   I did notice that when searching for the title, supplying "Amazing Heroes" brings up an autocomplete list of five items, where four of them indicate the publisher is "Fantagraphics [Magazine]" while the fifth is "Fantagraphics [Comic Book]", but once you select one, that distinction does not appear to be on the page.
  2. Is it possible to provide a mode where ComicBase operates in a consolidated form, searching through all three categories at once?


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When you type the Title name in the find box at the top, it should display Titles for all three types. However, the different types will be after the current type.

For example If you are in Comics and start typing 'Amazing H', the Magazine 'Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special' should be in the list but AFTER all the Comic Book listings (and Books should show up at the bottom, too).


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Ah...  I had been using the Title search on the right, not considering the existence and implication of Magazines vs. Comic Books.


At first, I was going to suggest rearranging the UI to make the link between the category selection tool currently on the left and the navigation tools currently on the right, but I think I have a different suggestion, based on the presentation of the "New" button.  How about incorporating the Book/Comic/Magazine iconography into the navigation buttons?  If it is part of at least the Title button between the navigation buttons, I think that would reinforce the idea that these tools on the far right of the window are influenced by that setting on the far left of the window.


Also, I think it would be a good idea that the Title search dialog window has an indication on as to which category it is searching.


The more reminders to a forgetful oblivious user like me that things other than comic books exist, the hopefully fewer questions you'll have to field.

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