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Sorting of Variations in variation lists

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So, I've added a new variant, Bagged, Abbreviated BG.


After adding, I thought it wasn't added, since I didn't see it in the top portion of the list.  I closed and reopened the Item Variations Setup, and still didn't see it in the top of the list.  When I clicked a header to sort the list, my added Variant shows up where I would expect.  Given that the list gives the appearance that it is sorted when it isn't might I suggest that the list be initially sorted by Item Variation when the window is first opened?

The same thing takes place in the Variation drop-down box when entering information for an issue.  While nearly everything is coincidentally sorted nearly alphabetically, it isn't really.  I suggest that this tool also be sorted alphabetically.


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I think there is something wrong/different about how your computer is sorting. The may be a Windows setting problem

When I check the Variation drop-down box, all the variations are sorted correctly.

And in the Grid display they are also sorted correctly.

So it isn't CB directly causing the problem.

You may need to contact support and see if they can help with your problem.

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Are you looking at a listing of only the built-in Variations of the system, or do you also have some customized Variations like I do, which is the point of my question?  Do you have any custom-made variants, and if so, where do they show up?  For that matter, are the built-in Variations really in order if you look closely at the end?

Here is the order I see, both initially in the Variations Setup grid and in the Variation drop-down box in the settings for an individual issue.

  • All the original built-in variations, in alphabetical order by "Item Variation"
    • "3-D Edition" through "Westfield Comics Edition"
    • "Variation A" through "Variation Z"
  • My custom variations, in alphabetical order by their "Item Variation"
    • "Bagged"
    • "Collector's Set-Bagged"
    • "Collector's Set-Unbagged, no Inclusions"
    • "Signed"
    • "Unbagged"
    • "Unbagged, no Inclusions"
    • "Unbagged, with Inclusions"
  • The more recently added super-variations in alphabetical order by their "Item Variation"
    • "V100" through "V143"
    • "V27" through "V99"
    • "Variation 144" through "Variation 150"


BTW, changing the "Item Variation" names to "Var A" through "Var Z" and "Variation 027" through "Variation 150" would produce an alphabetic sort that would group and sort all 150 of these variations pleasantly.

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What I see in the Variation Set-up window is:

3-D Edition through Westfield Comics Edition

Variation A through Variation Z

Var27 through Var28 (I think these were added first and the name doesn't match the other Variations)

Variation 29 through Variation 150 (in correct sort order)

When Editing an Item, the Variation drop-down box is identical to what I have in the variation set-up window.

As for Custom Variation, I don't use. The main reason is they are not in the master database so when an Update is run, none of them will be updated (since they would be unrecognized. Also, if I sold on Atomic Avenue, I am guessing that they wouldn't show up there for the same reason (since I don't sell on AA, this is only a guess).


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Do me a favor....  add a custom Variant and see what happens....  Telling me that you see no problem on your end, when you don't use the feature I'm discussing, is really frustrating.

I understand they will be red-headed stepchildren, that ComicBase will assume that they have no souls and so will ignore them when updating information and pricing.  I've just decided to formalize my fake listings by replacing invisible fake /A's or reprintings with obvious fake /BG's.

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