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Almost 1M?

Fred Slota

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Doing a Full List Rebuild and I noticed now that it is looking at Comic Book Pictures that the dialog is processing for 963,196 comics.  Now, I know 10 or so of those are my own, unofficial creations, but I take it that we are at nearly 1 million issues and variants.  Any estimate on when we hit that level, and any celebratory plans?  Did we already pass that if we include Books and Magazines?

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I can't tell from your description but Rebuild lists works on the entire database and not just one Type.

Looking at the ComicBase web site, in the ComicBase Info box (top right), it lists:

Titles: 963,923

Comics: 963,344

Publishers: 7,462.

Clicking on the Titles number, it brings up a list of all Titles for all types (Books, Comic Books, Magazines).

Because Titles lists everything, 963,344 should be the total number of Items in CB for all Types (from the last time it was generated).

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