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To Post or Not to Post (Cover Scan Maintenance)...

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... that is the question.

I started them a long time ago (prior to on-line updates).
Once Updates started, I considered stopping. But there were enough cleanup still needed (and people said they still found it useful) so I continued.
Now, with CB 2022, there are two new features.

1) Automatic downloads of larger pictures (even if you don't have one).
2) Delete covers that don't have matching Item #s.

Feature 1 is set by using Setup->Preferences and checking 'Automatically download larger pictures when viewing items.'
NOTE: If you dislike Preliminary covers, the Automatic download WILL download Preliminary covers so they can get back in the database if you are not observant.

Feature 2 is accomplished by using File->File Tools, using a hidden feature of pressing and holding the ALT key while selecting 'Manage Pictures and Movies which allows the button to 'Copy Pictures for Existing Items...' to show up. Clicking this will start a process that will compare all the cover scans with CB Item #s and only copy matching ones to a new folder. Then either rename the folder or point CB to it.
NOTE: It takes a long time for this to finish.

With these two features, you 'should' be able to keep your cover scans pretty well cleaned up with little effort on your part (as opposed to following the list and manually making the changes).

There could still be mismatches (i.e duplicate covers or misnamed ones) that the new features can't fix. But these would not be in the Cover Scan Maintenance posts (or at least very seldom), either.

So, back to the Question...
Will you still find the posts useful or will they become redundant / obsolete?

NOTE: This is mostly for Archive Edition owners as they have the most covers (and I believe these two new features only work for them).

PS I will probably continue doing what I do each week. It is just a matter of if I record/post it.

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I don't have a perfect way to find all or only Prelim covers.  They used to be a set size for Width or Height (can't recall which one).
I have found them in the following ranges. But This will find other besides Prelim covers.
Also there are some Prelim covers that are outside this range but it is a matter of not getting too may 'false-positive' results (i.e. getting a large haystack and trying to find the needles in it).

You can try this to start with:

I.[PictureWidth] BETWEEN 494 AND 516 OR I.[PictureHeight] BETWEEN 644 AND 756

And adjust the ranges as you see fit. I think it is OR but it may be an AND.

NOTE: Need to make sure you run Rebuild Lists 'Pictures Files List' to ensure the picture columns are updated with correct values.

PS I actually do this with a PowerShell script. Since the Rebuild takes a very long time, it is just as easy for me to run the equally long PowerShell script to generate a list of potential Prelim covers.

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