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Partial UPC search

Fred Slota

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New, possibly odd, issue in hand.  I figured rather than trying to find the title, I'd search for the UPC.  No go.  I gave up.

Next week, post update, I try again with the UPC.  No go.

I decide to hunt for the title and find it.  I scroll down to look for the issue, and I think I find it, but no cover scans.  I move over to look at the UPC codes, and I find that it is apparently an unentered variant for an existing issue.  That explains not finding it by UPC search.


How about some form of partial UPC search in the find box?

I can think of several forms...


Enter 10 or 12 digits and try to find a title.

Enter 15 digits and try to match issues.

Enter 17 characters, mix of digits and 'x's, and try to wildcard match issues

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You can do the first two with Find, Item Field -> UPC and Begins With.

Enter the first 10, 12, or 15 UPC numbers.

For the last item, if you have it available, the Advanced Find works. Use Like and an underscore ( _ ) to replace any 1 position or a percent  ( % ) for any number of positions

Items Where...

I.[UPC] LIKE '75960607090900_11'


I.[UPC] LIKE '759606082292%11'

PS if needed, you can mix/match the use of _ and %.



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