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2160 pixel tall cover images being replaced by 1025 pixel versions

Brian Price

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I installed ComicBase on a new computer on January 4th.  I have the 4K Archive license.  I used the Quick Start version of the pictures, and everything seemed to work fine.  As I was browsing through covers yesterday, I noticed all the covers were on the smallish side, including ones that I knew should be larger.  I have a 1600 pixel tall screen, and the cover images filled about 2/3 of the screen height.  I went through the picture folders and found cover images that had a 2160 pixel height, but when I navigate to them in ComicBase with the "Automatically download larger pictures when viewing items" option checked, the program would replace them with the smaller 1025 pixel tall version.  When I unchecked the "Automatically download larger pictures when viewing items" option, I could view the larger image in ComicBase, but as a test I deleted it and manually downloaded it and got the 1025 pixel tall version again.  I'm running v22.0.0.1435 on my main system, but I also observed the same behavior on my laptop running v22.0.0.1435. 



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By the time I got to the registrations page, the version was up to v1452.  I installed it, but still get the same results: any image taller than 1025 pixels gets replaced with a 1025 pixel tall version.  I installed v1452 on both of my systems, one which is running Windows 11 and the other which is running Windows 10, and observe the same behavior on both.

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Thanks Mark.  Just to clarify, anything larger than 1025px gets replaced with 1025px.  

For example, the cover image for Uncanny X-men 247 was 1049px.  I clicked on it in ComicBase, and it downloaded the 1025px version.

At first I thought somehow the software wasn't recognizing that I have a 4K license, but when I clicked on the 2732px tall Cerebus the Aardvark I just scanned in, it downloaded the 382px version from the server, so I do think something else is going on.


Folder Capture Before Update


Folder Capture After Update


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Pete mentioned on Livestream #80 that they implemented a fix on this.  I installed v22.0.0.1571 and it does indeed seem to have fixed the issue.  I reselected "Automatically download larger pictures when viewing items" and the program downloads larger or newer pictures when it has one.

Thanks for your help with this Mark.


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