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AstroComics is a mess

Joel Ekis

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This was a free giveaway from American Airlines from 1968 to 1977.
There are multiple years of issues, none have an indica that I know of.
Some years there are multiple releases.

Comic Vine has a great list of all 20 known issues. Can you get the dB updated with all the variations?

I can provide the stories and cover photo for the oldest:


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I looked over the #196801 issue.  There is nothing related to that number on the comic anywhere.

All I saw was a Copyright notice for Harvey comics with the year 1968.  So, I think Comic Vine just took the year and appended a 2 digit sequence number after it.

It's not from the comic itself.

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As best as I can tell, they represent different versions for a given year.  They might be variants, but I do not know if the internal content is the same or different.  Overstreet mentions notes on a year like "Three Different Versions", but gives one description for the year and a single price for all issues from that year.  That implies they are variants.  But, I only have one issue from 1968 so cannot say.

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