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Drag and Drop add scans

Fred Slota

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I scanned new covers.


Rest my Pictures folder to my personal scans.

Reset Picture References.

Searched for issues with pictures.


Highlighted the row for a given issue.

Dragged the picture to the highlighted row.


All of the time, the picture was placed in the correct folder.


Some of the time, the grid of search results appeared to think that the picture went to a different row, moving the focus to that different row and updating the thumbnail for that row.  This was disconcerting, in that it appeared that ComicBase was placing the picture in the wrong place.

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Here is what is happening.

When the result of a Find is displayed, if you select (highlight) the correct Title (it could be any issue in that Title and not necessarily the one that matches the Cover number you are moving), the Title at the top of the display changes to the Title of the selected issue.
At this point you can drag/drop to any place in the Grid. It does not have to be on the particular issue line that matches your cover or the line you high-lighted. Anywhere in the Grid works (as long as the correct Title is displayed at the top), placing the Cover and Thumbnail in the correct folders.
However, when the find Grid tries to display the Thumbnail in the Grid, it assigns it to the First issue that matches the cover number starting from the first line (which probably isn't the one it actually went to).

This probably has to do with the Grid information being displayed from a Find is a Temporary construct and doesn't act as a normal display.
Not sure if HC can correct this so the Title the cover was actually placed in displays the Thumbnail and not the first matching issue number in the temporary display. I will let the programmers address that.

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Ah, so if I'm focused on X-Men #15 and drop a file called "10.jpg", it will be placed in the appropriate X-Men folder, but the grid will update the thumbnail for the first #10 in the grid.  Gotcha.

Would be nice to fix for cosmetic and non-anxiety purposes, but the primary purpose of placing in the right folder, as long as I follow highlight the correct title, it works.


Thank you.

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Okay, I found a real problem from this.

I came to a portion of my pile where I had titles with multiple issues to add scans.  I added them as a batch, selecting multiple scans and dragging them all at once onto the grid.  I had two instances where a scan was copied into the wrong directory.

I think the following is what happened.  Suppose I was copying 3.jpg and 4.jpg to "Joker".  I select Joker #3 in the grid, select both covers, and drag them onto Joker #3 in the grid.  ComicBase processes the first scan, copying it to the appropriate directory for the selected row, Joker.  Then the grid updates the thumbnail, but finds the first #3 in the grid, which happens to be a different title, say "Death of Doctor Strange" #3.  Now, the grid has focused on the row for "Death of Doctor Strange" #3.  ComicBase now processes the second scan, and copies it to the directory of the newly-selected row, "Death of Doctor Strange".  The end result is that, instead of placing both scans with "Joker", one of the scans has been placed with "Joker" and one with "Death of Doctor Strange".


In light of this, I think this issue is more than a cosmetic one.  Some adjustment should be made to at minimum maintain the focus on the originally selected row, f not correct the thumbnail update.  I make two suggestions.

  • Check for matching issue number AND title when updating thumbnail, or...
  • When drag-and-dropping cover scans, first remember which row is currently selected in the grid.  After updating a thumbnail (and before possibly processing additionally dropped scans), reset the focus back to the previously remembered row.
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Respectfully, if it wasn't designed to do that, then prevent it from being able to do that.  Or redesign it to do that.


However, it is very convenient when adding new scans to do so from a list of owned issues without scans.


I'll be doing it one at a time from now on.

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