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Unable to Change Pic

Douglas W. McCratic

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I have spent quite awhile now trying to change the pic for Plunge #1-A.  I went through the normal process of deleting the pic that was there and drug the new pic into CB.  It didn't work, as when I clicked the thumbnail, the thumbnail returned to the Preliminary Artwork as did the full sized pic.  I deleted the Preliminary Artwork pic, deleted the thumbnail and put in the new pic.  This time, I opened the Picture File and placed the new pic directly into it with the correct name.  I closed the file and changed to a different title then returned to Plunge.  The original Preliminary Artwork returned.  After several attempts, the thumbnail finally changed but no matter what I do, the full size pic goes back to the Preliminary Artwork.  The Preliminary Artwork is 505 x 752 and 70.5 KB, my new pic is 900 x 1411 and 157 KB, and both are jpg files.  I tried to change my update settings but couldn't.  I came up with the idea to change the setting in Sidekick which I was able to do but it still didn't change the outcome of my efforts to change the picture. I exited CB, confirmed the changes in SK and reopened CB.  My new thumbnail was there but the full pic had returned to the Preliminary Artwork. 

Any ideas? The new pic is below.



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Here is something you can try.
Run File-File Tools Rebuild Lists and select 'Pictures File List (slow)'.
Warning: This will take a very long time (a few hours).

Alternately, if you want to test if this will work, you can try these steps.

Use File-File Tools Manage Pictures and Movies and change the 'location for Pictures and Movies' to some other location.
Download the preliminary cover for Plunge 1/A.
This should set up the same situation you have but with only 1 cover in the pictures folder.
Run through the same steps you did to replace the cover to prove this is still a problem.
If it is, then run the Rebuild Lists (having only 1 cover will let it complete quickly) and see if that fixed the problem.
If it did, switch the Location for Pictures and Movies back to the original location and run the Rebuild for 'Pictues File List'.
Check to see if this fixed the problem.

If that wasn't the problem, what are you settings?
In Setup->Preferences, at the bottom, do you have 'Automatically download larger pictures when viewing items' checked?

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Ok, it's done.  The rebuild alone didn't work.  I put delete the old file, put the new file in and then try to look at the pic and mysteriously the old pic returned. 

I moved the pictures file to my desktop, downloaded the pic again and went back into the file and replaced it.  I went to another title and cam back.  My new pic remained in place until I selected the book then it gave me the preliminary art again. 

The only way I have been able to keep the correct pic is to disconnect from wi-fi.  No matter what I do, CB goes back to the Preliminary Art. 

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You are going to have to contact support to see if they can figure out why it is doing what it is.

Here is what is happening (I think).

The way the Automatic download is supposed to work is it check the Picture column information in your database with the size of the cover scan at HC.

If the value is smaller, it automatically downloads the cover from HC (the pre-lim).

The Rebuild List Picture information is supposed to populate these columns but something is preventing this (hence the 2-3 day processing time).

Since that information is NOT getting updated, it always looks like the HC cover scan is 'larger' and it gets downloaded.

The question (that support will have to answer) is why the Picture column information is not getting updated.

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To take my guess and stretch it to complete speculation...
When you ran Rebuild List for Picture information, it might be trying to update the columns but can't (for some unknown reason) and times out. This is repeated for each cover scan in the Pictures folder. While the time-out my not be very long, multiply it by a LOT of cover scans and you get a very big number (days...).

Just curious can you run these in Advanced Find?

I.[PictureWidth] IS NULL AND I.Title = 'Plunge'
I.[PictureWidth] > 0 AND I.Title = 'Plunge'

I am most interested in which Find your problem cover (1-A.jpg) is in.

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Hmm, not what I expected. That means there is 'something' in the picture width column.

It could be this information was set sometime in the past but now it isn't changing.

If you want to you could change it to:

I.[PictureWidth] Between  0 AND 500 AND I.Title = 'Plunge' AND I.[ItemNumber] = '1/A'

and altering the 0 and 500 until you get a range that displays the row. For example between 0 and 500

IF not found, change to 500 and 1000.

If found, change to 500 and 750, etc. until you get close to the value in the column. for that issue,

(it will probably be 505 since it is a pre-lim cover).

This is totally optional but it will let get you the value in the column.

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The fact that #3 (which in my database has a width of 1578) tends to indicate the Rebuild Picture information did NOT update the values. That seems to be the main problem and one I can't help you with.

If you have the time or are interested, you can try this:

Use File->New Database... and create another database (just for testing). You don't have to copy anything over when asked.

Go to a Title without pictures. (Plunderer one Title back from Plunge works in my database).

Run Advanced Find:

I.[PictureWidth] IS NOT NULL AND I.Title = 'Plunderer'

This should return none of the Issues as the Picture information should not exist.

Drag/Drop any cover scan into this Title (with the name matching one of the issues without covers.

Run the Advance Find again.

What should happen is the one issue for the cover you added should be displayed.

At least that is what happened with my database.

If this works, that means there is something 'wrong' with you original database.

PS You delete the temporary database you created. It is located at:

C:\Users\<logon-id>\Documents\Human Computing\ComicBase Databases

And the Test Cover Scan you added to the 'Plunderer' Title.

PPS You can run the same test on your real database and see if it works as it should (the Issue is found after adding) or not.

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Mysteriously, Plunderer has Preliminary Artwork in it that returns similarly to Plunge #1-A.  I poked around until I found "Poets Prosper: Rhyme & Revelry" and followed your instructions.  It worked in that it came up empty before I added a cover and found the title after I added the cover. 

I deleted the cover file and ran it again out of curiosity.  It still brought up the title even though no pic is present.  I'm guessing that this happened because I had an item in that position, removed it, and didn't rebuild lists?

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