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Unable to Change Pic

Douglas W. McCratic

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I am not sure if I am getting the same exact problem you are but I have come across a similar problem.

Basically, if Automatic Download is set,

It will download 1/A pre-lim cover.

If I drag/drop the larger 1/A,

It will replace the thumbnail image BUT it will NOT replace the actual cover scan in the pictures folder (leaving the pre-lim art) BUT it WILL update the Picture Width column with the larger value.

(NOTE: Due to you abnormally long Rebuild Picture information, I think you have either another or additional problems).

PS I will try to explain this to Pete...

Auto Download Cover Replacement.JPG

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Pete's working on it.  I sent him the absolutely gigantic file for the pic so there is absolutely no way it could be misconstrued as a smaller version than the Preliminary Artwork.  I went into the picture file deleted the Prelim, exited everything, put my pic into the file and as soon as I try to pull it up in CB, the Prelim is back. 

I am glad that you had a similar, if not the same, problem.  I know I'm not crazy!

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