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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Bk 1 (various printings)

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The various printings look to be all over the floor in terms of Notes and/or Item Descriptions.  I'm current on updates and just ran rebuild lists, so should be all up-to-date.  There's nothing in the item description fields, and some of the notes fields say it collects issues 1-6, others say it collect 1-2, and the first printing (Bk 1) actually says both!  Looks like the Collector's Set printings also suffer from this (and maybe even the Deluxe Set issues).  Just to add insult to injury, the Bk 1 third printing has the same UPC as the first (I own that one, but don't have access to it for now to check).

I'm afraid this needs a good spring cleaning, but I'm afraid I don't have access to the various issues to straighten it out.  Can someone here (or on the Editorial Team) straighten it out, please and thank you?

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I sent an e-mail a little over a week ago with a corrected cover scan for Bk 1-2, which has not been applied.


Currently, the scan is the same as for the first printing. (Same for fourth printing.)
I have second printing, UPC ending 00112, with the following scan that would not send since you have a (wrong) scan already.  It is similar to that for the third printing, but without the yellow circle mentioning the movie.

Bk 1-2.jpg

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I encountered problems when I tried to enter the Bumper Compendium Editions.  My thinking was exactly what happened, the entire series was collected into books as well as the Bumper Compendiums creating problems when trying to index them.  The yellow covers are the "Bumper Compendium Editions" and the first one collects issues #1 and 2 and says as much on the cover. The second collects issues #3 and 4 and says so on the cover as well. The pictures for Bk 1, Bk 1-2, and Bk 1-4 are all incorrect and the prices on the cover of those books is $5.95, not $14.95 listed. 

My intent was to list the Bumper Compendiums as their own book, leaving room in the main title for the inevitable books collecting the entire series.  It's been a long time, but I believe the first three issues came out pretty close to on time.  The fourth was a little late and the final two issues were really late, so the publisher did the Bumpers to put the name back out there and allow new readers a good jumping on point and to get suckers like me to rebuy the stuff I had thinking is was new material.

It looks like the collector's sets are the Bumper Compendium Editions.  I'm not sure where the 9th printing come from, but the Books actually go up to the 8th printing so it's most likely it should be a Bk instead of a CS.  Essentially, remove the pics of predominately yellow covers from the Bk category and put them into the CS group.  Unfortunately, I have never picked up any of the fully collected series in book form, so I don't know much about them. 

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