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Variant Covers Revision Format (A, B, C to V) for Existing Titles (i.e., Action Comics)

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I am having serious issues with the new format that was employed a few months back. For example, I have 25 different copies of Action Comics 1000 that in following the old format I was adding newer variants using the 1000/A-2, 3, 4, 5, etc. format. Now all of these seem to follow the new format of 1000/V2, 3, 4, 5, etc. format. So what are the problems?

First, the 'V' format for Action Comics starts at V29 so all of those that I have in the single and teen digits do not even appear. Second, and even if they did, how would I go about adding/changing them to the new format without having to do so one by one? 

AND if this helps anyone figure this out here is a complete list of the ones that I have in stock (cover artist is mentioned): A-2, RUDE, A-3, M. CHO, A-4, GIBBONS, A-5, ALLRED, A-6, STERANKO, A-7, MIDDLETON, A-8, JURGENS, A-9, BERMEJO, A-11, DELL'OTTO, A-13, G.PEREZ, A-16, LAU, A-18, DANIEL, A-20, N. SCOTT, A-21, COIPEL, A-22, MATTINA, A-27, GLEASON, A-29, KIRKHAM, A-31, FABOK, A-34, N. ADAMS, A-36 JURGENS and A-38, MAHNKE.

One final note. I have some many other titles that I have this same problem with that it isn't even funny. The format issue from old to new is rampant. Can't anyone come up with a fix for this so that changes don't have to be addressed one by one?


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Unfortunately, you'll have to manually adjust any owned variants under the old variant format to the current for these big variant issue releases (variants past the letter Z).

Use AtomicAvenue.com as reference; look up a title/issue on their website and see what the variants are set to as they use ComicBase master database's current listings.

In the case of Action Comics #1000 variants, check out the current set variants here: https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/series/5427/1/Action-Comics (page 12)

You'll have to do this same approach for other titles that have this problem.

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Mark, I have to disagree with what is happening here. I clicked on the link that you provided for all Action Comics 100 variants thinking that their source was Atomic Avenue. However, I have already run across the following:

1000 Variation V lists Midtown Comics Variant Cover by Olivier Coipel (in CB, the same is listed as V33) and,

1000 Variations O, P list Forbidden Planet Variant Covers (regular & virgin) by Jock (yet neither one even appears in CB)

So what is the problem here now?  And YES, I have the current version of CB with all content updated through today...

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