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Export Subset of Database?

Greg Picklesimer

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I would like to export a subset of one database and import it to another database. I can used the advanced search to identify and select the entries I want to move but I don't see any way to use the export command to work on a group of items that is selected.

Is this possible (with Pro)? Is there another way to accomplish this besides exporting the entire database and editing the text file?


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There is no direct way to export only part of the database (or at least a part of the items with Quantity in Stock >= 1).

I can think of a way to do this but it takes a little work.
Whether this technique is more or less work than editing a text file is for you to decide.
1) make a copy of the database.
2) open the database copy.
NOTE: Verify that you are working with a Copy of your database and not the real database (the name will be in the title bar of the CB window).
3) mass change Qty in Stock to 0
4) Run Find to display the items you want to export.
5) Select all rows (CTRL+A is one way to do this).
6) Right-click and from the pop-up menu select Quick Change.
7) Set Qty in Stock to 1.
At this point you can use Export with 'Export only items in stock' checked and just get the items you just updated.

Once done, you can delete the database copy and go back to using the actual database.

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Unfortunately, the Export window only allows filtering by checking the 'Export only items in stock' box. So either you do ever issues in CB on just the issues you own. There is no other option (i.e. marked) to key on.

PS, I guess you can use a custom fields as part of the export and use that to facilitate finding just those rows in the text file (or in a spreadsheet).

PPS I just thought of sort of an alternate method.  Once you do the Find, you can highlight cells in the grid and use CTRL+C to copy the data then paste it to a file.



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