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Justice League (3rd series) #1 Convention Exclusive - which variant # to assign?

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I have a copy of Justice league (3rd series) #1 with "Convention Exclusive" in the lower left corner, no bar code on the cover.  It has a silver foil cover (front and back).  The front cover image is the same as the standard cover.  Before I enter it as a new variant cover (1/V looks like the next # in sequence), I'm trying to find out if it's one of the variants already listed, for which no cover is available.  Does anybody know?



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Possibly, but the cover appears to be black behind the artwork, rather than the shiny silver foil of the copy I have.  I suppose that could be the result of the scanner that was used, but it doesn't look like the actual cover is silver.  The words "Convention Exclusive" do look like they're formatted the same way as my copy.  And, 1/G is a comic convention variant cover, so perhaps this is it.

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