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Odd title navigation

Fred Slota

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Did a content update and I see that "X_Men Red (2nd Series)" has been renamed without the colon.  So I'm moving my single issue from the old to the new title, and find an odd navigation issue...


Starting on the first, "X-Men: Red", if I click the "Next Title" button in the upper right,  I move to "X-Men: Red (2nd Series)".  Click it again, I move to "X-Men Red (2nd Series)".  All good.

Starting on the last, "X-Men Red (2nd Series)", if I click the "Previous Title" button in the upper right, I move to.... "X-Men: Red".  It skipped over the middle title "X-Men: Red (2nd Series)".


Normal browsing through titles currently will show all titles, regardless of if I own any issues or not.  At the moment, I had added the issue #1 to the colon-less (2nd), but had not zeroed out the issue #1 in the colon-full (2nd), so all three X-Men Red titles had at least one issue owned.


Had just updated to

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I think that the issue is that you have two titles in your database that differ only by punctuation.  It's been a longstanding rule that titles in CB have to differ by at least one non-punctuation character or some database functions will get a little glitchy (as you have observed).  If you delete the incorrect title, this problem won't be observed.  

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