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Converting Old Database to ComicBase 2020

Jeremy Roby

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Hi All,


I just got a copy of the ComicBase 2020 Upgrade for Christmas. While I can get the new software to install, whenever I try to convert my old database to the new format I keep getting the errors below. I'm converting from ComicBase 9 software, which i know is pretty old, but my wife said she checked that it COULD be updated without any issues to the new version. I've put a lot of time and effort into my old database and starting from scratch with the new one would devastating! Any ideas on how to get this conversion to work? I'm on a Windows 10 operating system, FYI. 




Older Database Format Convert 01.PNG

Older Database Format Convert 02.PNG

Older Database Format Convert 03.PNG

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contact our support team directly at support@comicbase.com. The may need to get ahold of a copy of your database and try to convert it over for you. If you have any kind of cloud storage app/service you use (ex: Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.); upload your database there then email a sharelink to the db file so the support team can work with it.

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