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Moving over program and folders too a spare hard drive

mark d. smith

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It's not too difficult. There are two parts.

1) Pictures and Movies
In Windows, create a folder on the new drive to hold the Pictures and Media folders. This folder can have any name you like.
Note: You can create a separate folder on yet another drive for the Media folder if you have a lot of digital comics as these can get quite large.
By default the Pictures and Media folders are located at:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Human Computing

For example,
Create a folder D:/Human Computing
(Create a folder E:/Human Computing if you want the Media folder on a different drive)
NOTE: Human Computing is just an an example, it could be 'ComicBase Data' or any other name you want to come up with. And, if on a separate drive, the folder for Media can have a different name than the folder for the folder for the Pictures.
D:/CB Pictures
E:/CB Media

Copy just the Pictures and Media folders from the C Drive to the folder( s ) on the new drive( s ).

(Leave the other folders so CB can find them.)

In CB use menu item File->File Tools and select 'Manage Pictures and Movies'.
Change the Location of Pictures and Movies to point to the new Folder that contains the Pictures and Media folder (NOT the actual Pictures folder).

That should free up most of the space. But if you need more, you can do the second item.

2) Database file
In Windows (with CB NOT running)
Move the database file from the default location of
C:\Users\<logon-id>\Documents\Human Computing\ComicBase Databases
To some other folder. This can be anywhere you like.
Once it is in the new location, double-click on it to open that database in CB.
Once you close CB, it will remember the location.

NOTE: I didn't mention a specific folder because, unlike the Pictures and Movies, the database file does not have to be in a folder (although it is probably best if it is).

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