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Onto today's problem

mark d. smith

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Here are few possibilities. There may be other.

1) You have scrolled right resulting in the first columns being pushed off the display.
Check the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.
(Granted, this is not likely, but I have to mention it as at least a possibility.)

2) The column was resized until it was hidden.
Use Menu Item->Columns to View.
At the top, use drop-down box Preset and select one of the other options.
This should 'refresh' the grid display and display the hidden columns.
(You can switch back to the original display)

3) Delete the ComicBase Setting.ini file.
The ComicBase Settings.ini file is located in:
C:\Users\<logon-id>\AppData\Roaming\Human Computing\ComicBase
NOTE: This is a Hidden folder.
With CB closed Rename ComicBase Settings.ini to something else.
NOTE: By Renaming, you won't lose it is you want to rename it back to its original name.
Open CB and see if that fixed the problem.
If it did, you will have redo various options in CB
If it didn't fix anything, with CB closed, you can go back and rename the file back to its original name (deleting the one that is current there as it was created when you opened CB).

4) Uninstall/Reinstall the most current version of CB
It won't hurt to uninstall both the CB and the CB Resources file.

If none of those fixes the problem, you will probably have to contact support.


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Not sure. I have never heard of variants disappearing before. I would think it is part of the Resources.

Which specific Title / issue number are you not seeing.

Just reaching for a possibility, maybe an Update deleted the 6/C Variation?

Check to see if Setup->Item Variations lists the variants (especially the one that you are missing.

Also check another Title (like 'Firefly (Boom!)') and see if other issues are missing the variations.

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