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Bring back T.DisplayTitle, T.AlphabetizedTitle, and Issue ID

Brian Price

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Back in the day when ComicBase still had the SELECT statement in the advanced query, you were able to export T.DisplayTitle and T.AlphabetizedTitle in addition to T.Title/I.Title.

For example, in the case of the Legion of Super-Heroes 2nd series

T.Title/I.Title = Legion of Super-Heroes, The (2nd Series)
T.DisplayTitle = The Legion of Super-Heroes (2nd Series)
T.AlphabetizedTitle = LegionofSuperHeroes(02Series!

At the same time, Issue ID was an optional field in the Export utility, and was a unique identifier for each database record.

These 3 fields made it a lot easier to extract my data from ComicBase and manipulate it in Excel, including hitting it up against the Atomic Avenue wishlist.

Any chance of getting access to these fields in a future version of ComicBase? 


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I'd prefer the ability to add these fields to the column display, but having them as a field that can be exported is fine too.  Or just the ability to export the Title table.

It would be very cool to get at the picture data again as well.

I don't expect ComicBase to just serve up all their proprietary data on a silver platter, but would hope we could get the same data access we had in previous versions.

Ideally, I would like to see something like Fred Slota's suggestion:

  • Official Title and User Title
  • Official Alphabetization and User Alphabetization
  • Official Notes and User Notes
  • Official Item Description and User Description

The main thing I'm after is the ability to override the ComicBase sort order.  Basically want to use the standard sort where it makes sense, but want to be able to have The Uncanny-Xmen 142 come after X-men (1st Series) 141.

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