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mark d. smith

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On the ComicBase website, select My Account, then Registrations.

Click the green download arrow next to your active subscription.

If you want the Quick Star Version (thumbnail sized to start), it should be listed.

However, if you want the full size pictures (which I would suggest), click the Other radio button.

You should see several links to down load the picture files.

Once all are downloaded, use CB to Install the.




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No, you don't have to do it the 'long way'.

Just copy the entire Picture folder from the external drive to the new drive location on the laptop.

After that, use File tools->Manage Pictures and Movies to make sure the file path to the folder that CONTAINS the picture folder (not the actual Picture folder) is correct.

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Okay. What happens when you right-click on the large cover image in the top left corner of the CB window?

Do you have an option to 'Show Picture File'?

If you do, you can use that to find the file path for the covers.

If not, I think the default path is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Human Computing.

It that folder exists on you laptop, you can copy the Picture file folder from your external hard drive to this folder.

Picture Folder.JPG

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