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Certain pictures not loading

Christopher Walsh

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I am suddenly having pictures not loading for some reason, it seems specifically like newer pictures.  I can see the first 1000 or so cover of Action Comics and the first 600 of Amazing Spider-Man, but I can't see any variants on Heroes reborn series 2, or any covers for Wolverine:  Black, White and Blood or lesser known series like Eros Psyche or Fight Girls.  It just started happening today and seems to grow worse as I use it.  Does anyone have a solution?

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What Edition do you have?

What do you mean by 'not loading'?
Is there nothing in the cover picture box for those issues or do you have the little generic icon showing?

If you click on the cover picture box for any of those issues, does a cover get displayed to its full size?

Do the cover scans actually exist in the Picture files?
(you can right-click on the large cover area (top left corner) and select 'Show Picture File' to get there quickly)

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What Edition do you have (Express, Pro, or Archive)?

If you have Pro or Archive, did you either copy the pictures folder to your new computer or download the picture files and install them?

For downloading, there are two options.

A) The quick start picture file.

This is a small file that just has thumbnail size covers (except some #1 issues are full size). When installed, when you click on a cover scan to view the full size, CB will connect to the HC servers and download that full size cover.

B) Full picture files (consisting of multiple files). Once downloaded and installed, you have the full size covers available for that Edition (don't have to access the HC servers to get larger files when used).

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