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Selective Updates

Douglas W. McCratic

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Would be possible to add a check box to keep items from being a part of the weekly updates?  Here's my dilemma, I have a collection of prop keys from Locke & Key.  They are produced by Skelton Crew Studios and there are currently 55 of these and I have several but not all.  I want to keep track of what I do and do not have but since they're not any of the media in CB, there's no reason to submit them and get them into the master database.  The problem arises when I download a new update.  The items I have in stock are safe but the items I do not have will be deleted every time unless I want to manually delete single issues of other titles every week. 

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When the new CB2023 comes out (which is very very soon, according to the most recent Livestream), you could change the Media Type for the prop keys to be Newspaper.  Then, when you do weekly content updates, make sure that your settings are for the Newspaper category to be not updated.  

Not the most elegant solution, I know, but it should work for you.  

Perhaps the best solution would be for CB to add a Media category of "Other" that *NEVER* has anything in it in the master database, but users can use it for whatever other stuff they collect (e.g., DVD/Blu-Rays, trading cards, statues, prop keys, etc).  Since the master database wouldn't ever have anything in that category, the content updates would never disturb whatever individual users decide to track there.  

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