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v23.0.0 Registration

Joel Ekis

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  • Joel Ekis changed the title to v23.0.0 Registration

Lawrence, if you need CB running, you can try this:

Go you your registration page and download the CB 2022 install.

Uninstall, CB 2023 and it Resources.

Install CB 2022.

This part is important.

Locate and rename a backup to a temporary name.

Double click on this temporary name database to open CB 2022 with THAT database (I don't think you want to try to open a CB 2023 converted database with CB 2022).

This is assuming you have a current backup and it is as up-to-date as you regular database (you haven't entered any new or corrected data that has not been backed up).

Final warning. If you sell on AA, the same thing goes. If you have made sales since the last backup, you would run into sync problems.


Wait until tomorrow and/or send an email to support.

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