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ComicBase 2023 - New columns and how to turn them off

Andrew d’Entremont

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So after installing ComicBase 2023 I noticed that there are some new columns that I find very irrelevant.  Specifically: "Pict Filesize", "Pict Height", "Pict Width", "Pict Modified".


This seems like very unnecessary information. Is there a way to turn off columns that you don't want to see?

I've actually been wondering how to do this for a while now as there are a few more that really aren't relevant to me. 

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Use menu item Setup->Columns to View.

This will allow you to display/not to display and/or move column positions.

NOTE: Will need to be done for each Type separately.

Just Check or Uncheck the Visible box to Display /Not Display, respectively.

Next click on any where in the Field column (to make it active), select the columns you want to move.

Then click Move Up / Down buttons to position the columns where you want.

NOTE: When you go back to the grid, you will need to leave the Title to refresh the display to see the changes.

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