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Trouble Adding a new Book

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I'm starting to enter all my hardcover books into CB, but I have run into a problem naming a new book.

I have a hardcover of the book "Magician" by Raymond E. Feist, but when I try to enter it as a new book with that name it won't let me. It wants to pick a name from the list of matching titles. 

What am I doing wrong?


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You are doing nothing wrong. It is a little quirk in the system.

To get around it what you need Type until you get where it is different, press the space bar, then backspace to delete the space. This will un-highlight any of the suggestions allowing you to type in the name you want.

So, in your example, Type 'Magician ' (note the space after Magician) the press the backspace.  This will leave just 'Magician' (without space) and no item in the list highlighted.

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There is already a Title 'Elf Queen of Shannara, The'

If the HC you have is published by Del Rey, just add a new Issue in that existing Title (for the HC).

If the HC is by a different Publisher, you can add the Publisher name to the series. i.e. Elf Queen of Shannara, The (other-publiser-name).

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