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Label help

Rob Twohy

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-In the Reports menu, 'Preview' rather than 'Print' the labels

-In the Preview window, use 'export' option at the top/left of the interface to save out as PDF file.

-Try then to print based off the PDF version and see if things cut off. We're curious just to know how it will print out for you -- This workaround make take the printer limitations from the main report menu out of the equation


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5 hours ago, Mark J. Castaneda said:

Programming team believes they pinned down the problem; we've just released CB2023 program installer (v23.0.0.1913). Download it from your online account here:


Try it out and let us know how you make out.

Seems to have fixed it nicely. My THANX to you Mark, and the team!

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Me too. I started a few weeks ago and I've entered 1,385 books. Got a couple hundred to go, then I hit the "FOR SALE" and Atomic Avenue has another 1600+ books for sale. Most important part is I need those divider labels so I can organize the collection. When someone buys, I can FIND the book(s). HA!

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