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How to handle grouped but separable items

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At this week's Livestream, @Peter R. Bickford talked a bit about how the database should handle items that are sold as a set but which are separable in some way.  You can catch the discussion at this link.  

Here are some different scenarios, each of which might require different editorial handling...

1.  Two comics, magazines, and/or graphic novels originally sold together in a polybag.  The polybag can be removed and now you have two separate items.  

2.  A comic sold in a polybag with a trading card, poster, statue, action figure, or temporary tattoos.  The polybag can be removed and the items can be separated from the extra items.  (e.g., X-Force #1, many different issues of Topps comics)  

3.  A comic not polybagged but had bound-in trading card (or other item, such as a flexidisc record).  The cards can be removed and the comic is still intact.  

4.  A comic sold as an extra with an item not normally tracked in the database (e.g., a record that includes a comic).  

5.  A Kickstarter publication of some type that is sent out to backers with additional tchochkes and which is NOT polybagged.... and later on an IDENTICAL and indistinguishable copy of the same publication is made available through regular retail outlets without any of the tchochkes.  

There may be other scenarios.... I especially encourage @Mark J. Castaneda and @Peter R. Bickford to add any other permutations that they have come across and feel that they need to handle editorially.  

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