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Crisis on Infinite Earths infinite slipcase crisis

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The "Crisis on Infinite Earths" title includes a copy Bk 1/HC, described as a hardcover edition in a silver-colored slipcover with a the title foil-stamped on the front of the slipcase.  I have this copy, but mine is the autographed version.  The six contributing creators of the series signed 2,500 numbered copies, released by Dynamic Forces, Inc. w/ each copy accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.  I'm guessing that unsigned copies were also released, which leads to my question.

Assuming there are unsigned copies in circulation, should the limited edition signed version be listed separately in the database?  I think this has been the practice with other such signed versions.  If so, what should the item # be?  Seems like the unsigned version would be Bk 1/HC-A and the signed version Bk 1/HC-B.


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Unfortunately, the HC in Dlx 1/HC is the Variation. So, the additional Variation of A  or B can't be used with HC.

There are 4 parts of the Item #. Type (Dlx),  Number (1), Variation (HC), and Printing (not used for this example).

If Dlx 1/HC and Dlx 1/A are both Absolute Editions, they could be split out to their own title (Although there is already a 'Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths' with a 2011 date in CB).



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