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Books - Viewing by "Overall Title Name" Does not Display Cover Image

Andrew d’Entremont

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I've been adding a lot of Fantasy book series into CB and have noticed that when I click on the "Overall Title Name" it doesn't display the cover image when it pulls up all the related novels. I thought it might be  an issue with setting which columns to view but when I went into "Setup-->Columns To View..." I couldn't find a field that fit the bill.

Just to make sure I wasn't overlooking something I ran  search on an artist and when the results were displayed it showed all the cover images. I checked  "Setup-->Columns To View..." when I was viewing the results but I didn't see any field that would correspond to viewing the cover image. 

Am I missing something? How can I see covers when I click on the "Overall Title Name" for books?


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A little more information...

Is you switch to Album View, when you click on an Overall Title Name, it will display the cover (assuming what is normally displayed at the top left corner of the display).
In Grid View, while you won't get a Cover in the Grid, as you scroll down the list, the cover will display in the top of the display.

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