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Book Series with multiple publishers

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To answer you question, Yes, you can have a Title where there are 2 (or more) publishers in the single title. Having said that...

It looks like it changes publisher twice
Pinnacle 1 - 58
Signet 59 - 94
Gold Eagle 95-145

You could put them all in one Title with a comment on the changing publishers (for example: Signet started Publishing with #59. Gold Eagle started Publishing with #95. (your wording could be different: 'Publisher changed to Signet with #59 is another way)).
You could put them in 3 different Titles (one for each publisher) with 'Continued In...' and 'Continued From...' in the Comments.

What I would ask myself is:
If someone had book #139 with only Gold Eagle as publisher, would they find it in CB if there is only one Title with Publisher Pinnacle?

(they typed Destroyer in the Find box and only see the Publisher there and don't see the comments, for example)
Would it be easier to find it with 3 Titles each with the different publishers?
(There is not necessarily a wrong answer either way).

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This is when it would be really handy to be able to tag multiple publishers in the Publisher field when you're creating a new title.  This isn't an issue that is unique to books either.

I suppose using the "Overall Title" field would come in handy in this case. Maybe create a new title Called "The Destroyer Novels (Pinnacle/Signet/Gold Eagle)" with "The Destroyer" as the overall title? 

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Overall Title Name isn't really designed for that. It is to tie multiple titles of a non-numbered series together. Like the Jack Reacher books. They are not numbered so they can't go in to a series (without making up numbers) but they should be read in order as they could later books could reference earlier books and spoiler plots.

(In that case, by definition, it should never be used on a single title.)

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I don't mind the multi-Publisher but I would just name it  'Destroyer, The (Pinnacle/Signet/Gold Eagle)' (leaving off Novels) since that is what I would call the Series (like Tarzan (Ballantine) isn't Tarzan Novels (Ballantine) ).

Then on the particular Issue where the Publishing changed, I would add a note of 'Publisher changed to Signet' so you can tell when it changed.

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One more question. Am I correct in assuming that "Publication Date" is when the book was first published, and "Release Date" is when a specific edition might have been released?

For instance, I have the first Destroyer novel which was originally published in 1971, but the version I have is a seventh printing which was printed in March of 1974. Would I be correct in putting "1971-06-01" as the Publication Date and "1974-03-01" as the Release Date?

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