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Master Database Size over time...

Fred Slota

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What is the approximate breakdown of Database Size, sliced and diced for different contents and over time?

How much of the official database is:

  1. Comic Book vs. Book vs. Magazine vs. Newspaper
  2. For Comic Book, how much is
    1. Title Info
    2. Basic Book Info
    3. Notes and Item Description
    4. Artist Info
    5. Pricing Info
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For #1, you can get the current size by running 4 Updates.

1) Create a New database.

2) Run Update (making sure to check ALL for types).

3) Run File Tools, Optimize Database (to endure the database is as small as it can get)

4) Use File Explorer to find the size of the Database with all 4 types and record it some where

Repeat Steps 2-4 but remove one type from the Update (i.e. Newspapers, then Books, then Magazines) each time you process an update.

After the fourth Update you should have a list of  database size with

Just Comic Books

Comic Books and Books

Comic Books, Books and Magazines

All 4 Types.

A little subtraction will get you the size needed for each Type (for example All 4 Types Size minus 3 Types (Comic Books, Books, Magazines) = Newspaper size).

PS If not know, you can force an Update by holding down the SHIFT key while checking for Updates.

As for #2, I am not sure if A) they want to supply the information or B) they don't have time to try to figure all that out from all the various tables/indexes. What I can tell you is the actual data tables are relative small (1/10 the size of the database?). But there are a LOT of indexes to speed up process, accommodate Psychic Typing and drop-down boxes.  There is also space needed to store all the queries needed for reports and regular finds but they should take up much space.


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Sorry I wasn't clear...  Wasn't so much curious about granular weekly over time, more yearly over time, and less the gradual accrual amounts and more the pie-chart proportions.  Wasn't sure, but thought internal people might have a statistic breakdown in their tools.

For current state, I suppose I could make a blank-slate database and delete all entries of each media.

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