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Clean up for 01/12/2023 content update

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This week's update added the comic title The Spider: Syndicate of Crime.  That should be indexed as Spider, The: Syndicate of Crime .  
Also, the only issue under this title is listed as #1/DM.  There are no other issues... is there a reason why this isn't just listed as #1?  (I'm not familiar with this, so there could be a reason, but I honestly don't know what it could be.)  

[[As an aside:  while researching the above, I noticed that the database includes the title Jerry Siegel’s The Syndicate of Crime.  Should that be indexed as The Syndicate of Crime (Jerry Siegel’s…) ?]]

Also added in this week's content update was the comic title Three Stooges, The: Jubille Reprint.  Should that really be Three Stooges, The: Jubilee Reprint ?

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