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Fun with colons...

Fred Slota

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(I.[Title] LIKE "%:%") AND NOT(I.[Title] LIKE "%: %")


The first item I found in ComicBooks is the title "11:59", which shows a partial explanation why this might not get noticed.  The font used for displaying the Title at the top of the screen has a whitespace kerning after the colon that makes it look like there is a space after the colon.  If you go to edit the title, you can see that there is no space.

Captain Britain and MI:13 - The cover doesn't show the colon, wondering if it should be there


Titles where the colon probably is a subtitle and should have a following space


I Cavalieri dello Zodiaco-Episide G:Assassin

Fate/Grand Order-Mortalis:stella

Justice Leagues:Justice League of Arkham

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:Nemo Trilogy Slipcase


Vikki Belle:The Palace of a Thousand Pleasures


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