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Somethin odd in Storylines

Fred Slota

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Trying to edit apostrophes in Storylines, I have 2 issues where odd things happen while I'm trying to edit their storylines...


Spirit Archives, The (Will Eisner's...) #26, even before trying to correct the apostrophe, if I try to add a space in the middle of "decades50's", the entire rest of that storyline disappears.

New Romancer #6, If i try to replace the apostrophe after the 6 with a ";", I am moved to the end of the field.


I'd like to bump this up the chain - something's wrong here, I think...

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I believe what you are experiencing is a side effect of Psychic Typing where it tries to figure out what you are doing.

I will let Pete address whether this is fixable or not.

Until then, to get around these problems, you can paste (CTRL+V) the values you want to add or select/high-light what you want to replace before pasting in the correction.

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