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Darkchylde (Image) - will the real issue 0.5 please stand up?

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Here's another possible redundancy error in the database.  There are eight entries for issue #0.5 in the database.  Five are entered as something other than a regular issue.  The three regular issues show the same cover and have matching data.  My copy has this cover, but with "Special Wizard Edition" stamped in gold foil on the cover, in the space next to the left hand.  I don't know about the five "special" issues, but the three regular 0.5 issues appear to be redundant, and none have the special release cover (w/ COA) that I have.  I'd like to replace the cover of one of these, but which one to replace?


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It appears you have some duplicate entries in your database. If you have Advanced Find in your Edition of CB, you can paste this:

I.Title || I.ItemNumber IN (
(SELECT A.Title || A.ItemNumber
FROM ComicIssues A
WHERE I.Title = A.Title and I.ItemNumber = A.ItemNumber
GROUP BY A.Title, A.ItemNumber

in the Where box and it will find any issues that have the same Title/IssueNumber.

(if needed it can be modified to add Condition if you have duplicate issues with different Conditions.)

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